• All attendees must have a ticket to enter the premises. 
  • Attached to the ticket registration will be a Covid-19 waiver agreement. 
  • The age groups/time schedules will be posted on AES and emails will be sent out to the club directors when wave play times are finalized.
  • We will update the webpage if time permits but please remember to stay in contact with your club directors/coaches for this information.
  • Limits on number of spectators are subject to change without notice due to the current conditions.
  • All tickets must be purchased online; no tickets will be sold in person at the event. 
  • Once you exit the building, you will not be permitted to re-enter the building.
  • Spectators must bring their own chairs.
  • All people within the building will need to be practicing social distancing and continue to wear their mask.
  • Masks are mandatory for spectators, players and staff.

Please be aware that there are volleyballs traveling at a high rate of speed and players running after balls. As with any athletic event, you are responsible for being alert and aware at all times to help prevent accidents and injury. Event promoters are not liable for any injuries that occur due to the activity during the event.


2-day pass $25, children 10 and under free.

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Please have photo ID or proof of purchase available. Admission payment receipt must be verified for admittance to buildings. All Covid-19 procedures and paperwork must be successfully completed and presented to event staff for admission. Anyone found in violation of Covid procedures will need to leave the building and will not be permitted to return.