Please be aware that there are volleyballs traveling at a high rate of speed and players running after balls.  As with any athletic event, you are responsible for being alert and aware at all times to help prevent accidents and injury.  Event promoters are not liable for any injuries that occur due to the activity during the event.

Wristbands are mandatory for admittance to the playing areas.  Wristbands must be securely fastened and worn on your wrist!  Wristbands may not be carried or attached to handbags, purses, backpacks, etc.  We use the same type of wristbands as water parks (Tyvek) so they may be worn in the pool or shower.  Anyone found not wearing a wristband will have to exit the playing area.


Until MARCH 29, 2019, you may pre-register for admission, using the link provided below.  There is an Early Bird discount available until MARCH 15, 2019; after this date, the regular admission fee applies for pre-registration.

Early Bird
2-Day Pass

(until 3/15)
2-Day Pass
(after 3/15)
8 & under
$12 $15 Pre-registration not available for children 8 & under – they must register in person at the event (see table below)

Pick up your wristbands at the “Will Call” table the morning of the tournament at whichever venue you play.  Let the staff know the name the wristbands were purchased under and they will provide you with your wristbands!

Please have photo ID or proof of purchase available.


Regular admission wristbands are to be purchased at the ticket window at the venues.

2-Day Pass 1-Day Pass 8-6 years old 6 & under
$15 $10 $8 FREE